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Not one to get suckered into adult sites, I wasnít about to get dragged into fuckbook dating but it turned out to be awesome. Not unlike a lot of the other sites Iíve seen, they did have some things that I wasnít too sure on but they turned out to be legit and now Iím recommending fuckbook dating to everyone thatís interested in online adult dating.

Iím curious to see what you might be thinking, so feel free to send me an email but hereís what otherís have had to sayÖ

ďNot really my cup of tea, and I think fuckbookdating should be freeĒ

ďTalk about WAY too much close up photography. It takes something hot and turns it into something gross.Ē

Whenever I see sites like this, I like to get an idea what people are thinking and if thereís one overall consensus Iíve noticed, itís that they are too gross with the site. Personally I didnít think fuckbook dating was for me either, but then I met someone I really liked. Thatís how everything can change for you.

I am a bus driver from Spain and still not great with my English but Iíve been here about 20 years so itís a little easier now. It isnít the typing thatís hard, itís the speaking of the language especially having to be on my toes. Not a person to ever give up on anything, I keep moving forward and trying but it has been really hard to meet a girl. They are usually American and want nothing to do with me because they notice how shy I am. I am really not that shy, but I am just under-confident about my language. I went to fuckbook dating back in the day and gave it a chance. I didnít know what to expect nor what to say. I asked around my job for some tips on what to say to women online. They gave me a lot of suggestions which were extremely helpful. It wasnít that fuckbookdating was so totally intimidating I couldnít handle it, but it wasnít easy either.

I met a girl named Cherry after about a year on the site. She was so cute and I was digging her so much I could hardly stand it. She was a red head fire cracker. Not that she wasnít sweet and all, but she was so hot I could hardly contain myself. She had milky white skin with cute freckles and was always ready to hang out all the time. We met through fuckbook dating but that didnít mean we were all about sex all the time. We were able to start and maintain a serious and successful relationship. Hereís what she said about the site.

ďWhen I met Carlos, I couldnít believe he was having problems meeting girls on this site. Heís so nice. I had been meeting a lot of jerks on fuckbook dating, but after meeting him I changed my viewpoint on the whole thing. It was my sister who told me a little while back but since she is a little crazy. I love her, but sheís nuts. Anyways, he came on and told me all about himself and his past. I thought he was so nice and cute. I kept talking to him and eventually fell in love.Ē

There you have it, fuckbook dating can work for some people and maybe not as well for some others. I certainly recommend it to anyone who has trouble talking to the opposite sex in bars. Itís a little more real and personal which I like a lot.